Hp ux multipath commands for mac

When cron dispatches the job, it starts a posix shell to execute the script. The adapter also supports the sudo facility version 1. Discover the ip address of ilo in a hp integrity server. Vxvm the veritas volume manager vxvm has many features, some of which are not available with lvm or mirrordiskux the companion product to lvm that allows you to mirror data onto multiple physical disks. Mac os x, ncr unix, netbsd, openbsd, reliant, sco openserver. For instance, solaris is a version of unix developed by sun microsystems the company that also developed java, hpux is the name of the unix version for hewlettpackard workstations, ultrix is the version used by digital equipment, inc, and unicos runs on the cray supercomputers. Hpux from hewlett packard unix is hewlett packard enterprises proprietary. Mac address for hp ux server hewlett packard enterprise. Ip network multipathing provides physical interface failure detection.

Products sold prior to the november 1, 2015 separation of hewlettpackard company into hewlett packard enterprise company and hp inc. Hpux 11i comfortable shell environment thomas vogts it. The logical volume manager lvm is detailed in hpux system administrators guide. The commands made configuration queries and changes through a proprietary system firmware interface specific to parisc. Mtu 1500 mac address 0x001a4b097f9a receive flow control on transmit checksum offload off receive checksum offload off virtual mtu 0 tcp segmentation. Established in 2010, a community for system admins and developers. Useful fiber channel and multipath commands posted on march 6, 20 by ben 8 comments so this was an interesting exercise i had the other day on one of our hpux servers that took me quite a bit of time to research. Our goal is to continue to build a growing devops community offering the best indepth articles, interviews, event listings, tips, tricks, troubleshooting steps and much more on devops. If you are installing the software from the cd, make sure that a mounting point has been created for the cd. This is supposed to produce a list of all filesfolders in the current directory, which have a group writable permission. Hpux reference release 11i user commands section 1 part 1of 2 am volume 1 of 9 edition 1 customer order number.

My question is that the result of the command cp p is not the same with solaris and with hpux. Several versions exist today with the same basic core of commands. Sep 2004 at1 at1 the second part consists of the commands that you entered. S and hence a single command called as ioscan m hwpath will give you the number of paths related to the virtualized hardware address but to know this you should be aware that 640000xfa00lunid is the hw address related. Cli commands have the advantage of being scriptable, which is especially useful in large data center environments with many arrays that. Useful stuff i hope, at least to me, because while we all love fiber storage, before it. Link protection on oracle solaris 11 offers protection from ip and mac. The others are macos, solaris, aix and huaweis euleros. The first version of the par commands was delivered on hpux 11i version 1.

I would like to get a list of commands and operations specific to hpux. Kegs is a portable apple gs emulator for linux, os2, hpux, and solaris. Hp ux basic network management january 18, 2011 hp ux. Configure link aggregates using apa auto port aggregation.

And if you have more than one nic card on that machine then map them with netstat. Useful fiber channel and multipath commands geekswing. Print each packet minus its link level header in ascii. Savefiles after the first savefile will have the name specified with the w flag. If fstype is hewlettpackard company 2 hpux 11i version 2. This version of kegs is using sdl simple directmedia layer for more portability. If you are running hp ux 11i v2, its recommended that you consider upgrading. There is a gui version and a cli one, sam is kind of a oneinall thing. Sep 2004 mount1m mount1m specified, all file systems in etcmnttab with that fstype are unmounted. Setting up a windows or mac os host to use lun storage over.

These details have nic diver version, firmware version etc. After the iscsi initiator is configured, the hp ux native multipathing is statically linked with the kernel, which means no setup is required to use the multipathing support. How to display mac address in hp ux hi guys, thanks for the help, when i ran arp hostname the command displayed the following hostname, ipaddress no entry. The posix and unix standards require that ps aux print all processes owned by a user named x, as well as printing all. Veritas volume manager administrators guide hpux 11i v3. How to display mac address in hpux running lanscan will give you station address in hex, thats the mac address. A simple example would be a scsi disk connected to two scsi controllers on the same computer or a disk connected to two fibre channel ports.

The second version of the npartition commands was delivered first on hpux 11i version 2. How to find mac address of lan card in hpux kernel talks. For a multipath configuration, install the mpio feature windows. As an example, the following three commands are equivalent. Should one controller, port or switch fail, the operating system can route io through the remaining controller transparently to the application, with no changes visible to the applications. Native multipath failover is packaged with the hpux operating system software. Hpux administrators can kick start their learning experience when planning oracle solaris. How to add a hpux printer using jetdirect addqueue or. This article describes two methods to add a network printer queue from the command line without using the jetdirect hppi command the first method uses the addqueue command, probably the easier the second method uses traditional lpadmin commands, a bit more complex, but based on bundled hpux lp spooler administration commands. Managing storage arrays attached to vmware, hpux or mac os.

Many customers need to change the mac address of a lan card due to the way a particular application works, or also sometimes because of the way it conflicts with a mac address present on the same network. It is very accurate and quick, running at an emulated 10mhz on 200mhz machines. Hpux 11i v3 native multipathing for mass storage september. Sometime, we need to find out the nic network interface card details of a server. Use the procedures in this chapter to manage the storage management software on the. The installadm command can be used to manage several installation profiles for. Here are some useful commands for the most popular linuxunix operating systems to find your hba wwn. Hpux 11i version 1 commands do not support remote management. Command view eva and hp dynamic capacity management software. There are some synonymous options, which are functionally identical, due to the many standards and ps implementations that this ps is compatible with note that ps aux is distinct from ps aux.

In hpux we have 2 options to change the mac address. The majority of device special files are not directly associated with actual hardware devices but are instead used to access pseudodevices that allow hpux to introduce a virtualization layer between processes and disk storage like those for lvm or vxvm, simulate hardware devices like terminals ptys, or provide useful abstractions like devnull a. To use linux native multipath software, you must install the linux multipath tools package as described in installing or updating the linux multipath tools package. The steps to configure mcserviceguard with the storage unit are the same as the steps in the hewlettpackard high availability documentation at hp documents ha. Major new features include native multipathing support, a unified file cache, nfsv4, veritas clusterfs.

Nic network interface card details in hpux if you are running the hpux on the server then use the lanadmin command to. For disk firmware status and upgrades and lower level info use the stm support tools manager that you can dl from hps nice and wonderful page. File systems are not necessarily unmounted in the order listed in etcmnttab. How do i know which host operating system type is correct. Useful fiber channel and multipath commands posted on march 6, 20 by ben 8 comments so this was an interesting exercise i had the other day on one of our hp ux servers that took me quite a bit of time to research.

You must find out the pseudo device or persistent devicespecific file that was created by the multipathing kernel module. Suns native path management software is sun storedge traffic manager stms. Options of different types may be freely mixed, but conflicts can appear. I am beginer to hp ux, i would like to get mac address for every network card in my server. Hpux networking related tools and commands nixcraft. What are the commands that can be used in an hpux environment to display the configuration information of a server. Configuring hosts to access fibre channel fc or iscsi storage. On hpux you can easily use the sam system administration manager utility to check all sorts of infos about hardware and software configuration. In hpux 11iv2 operating systems to manage multipathing we used third party tools like secure path, auto path etc. For brevity sake i am dividing this into a number of posts. Configuring clustering on an hpux host complete this task to configure a storage unit for clustering on a hewlettpackard server host that uses the mcserviceguard clustering software. The nwmgr program is the unified command to administer all hp ux lan and rdma interfaces.

This is a document that can be used for revision purposes for hpux. Ds8000 storage configuration for z systems hosts running. So this was an interesting exercise i had the other day and from it i came. Configure hpux access to an iscsi interface target 42. Guys, what command i should use in hp to find out the mac address of the adapter, i need to create an entry in the dns for the hp machine and need the mac. Hp ux 11i v3 introduces native multipathing that will allow you to take advantage of not only the failover protection, but also performance gains from true loadbalancing.

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