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You first need to understand the principles that lie behind each move of this opening. Yet that is what eighttime world championship candidate lajos portisch has done. The breyer variation, which is characterised by the knight retreat to b8. Although this is partly correct, theres actually ahuge hole here. In fact, the wisest approach for a player who mainly relies on the closed lines of the ruy lopez with black is to. The essential move marking the ruy lopez, or spanish game. Ruy lopez exchange download ebook pdf, epub, tuebl, mobi. Qe7 is an ideal surprise weapon against the exchange variation of the ruy lopez. My secrets in the ruy lopez lajos portisch chess book. Beating the ruy lopez with the fianchetto variation. Instead he plugs the efile so is now threatening the epawn. Shop for ruy lopez chess books at us chess federation sales. Search the chess games database, download games, view frequent practitioners and browse the opening explorer.

Both sides have the open dfile to use but only black has the halfopen efile leading. So its a good idea to play the ruy lopez against juniors, and, for example, the giuoco piano against adults. For example, you might have favorite capablanca endgames as one collection, and ruy lopez opening traps as another. You can browse our entire chess database from this line, move by move.

Kings gambit, giuoco piano or italian opening two knights defence, ruy lopez or spanish opening, petroffs defence, scotch game, vienna game, four knights game, three knights opening, philidors defence, and more. There are several positive points to add this variation to your opening repertoire. Even if some variations resulted from this opening are harder to be understood, it is more recommendable. The ruy lopez or spanish opening is one of the critical chess battlegrounds. This position is reached by playing the moves from here, there are a number of possible variations. In order to play the opening properly, a lot of people believe that one should just study a lot of opening variations and typical ideastricks. Rapid, effective development and king safety are the most important factors. This game is informative, showing different game plans from how to play the ruy lopez by nimzoking. In this book, he opens his extensive opening files and presents the most important games and unused novelties in the ruy lopez or spanish game. Bishop to b5 named after the spanish priest who analyzed this opening in 1561. Here its more to learn how to play chess up to master level and beyond. The ruy lopez, also known as the spanish game, is one of the most popular openings in chess, and has long been considered the best way for white to fight for an advantage after 1. With the common use of the double kings pawn opening 1. It is whites most logical attempt to continue the attack started on blacks center at move two.

Play the ruy lopez download ebook pdf, epub, tuebl, mobi. Start by advancing your kings pawn 2 spaces forward to the e4 square to take control of the center. Clean chess all chess openings tactics encyclopedia. The basics of development and queen play in the opening. Opening studies an introduction to the ruy lopez adapted. Ruy lopez all variations182 variations, 6 most common names, eco, moves20 pages, 121 kb. Ruy lopez berlin defence pdf download draginclarre. The exchange variation of the ruy lopez is a chess opening that begins with the moves. In the first database concerning the berlin, we have learned how to handle the berlin endgame which arises after the move 1.

White avoids the big amount of theory from the mainlines of the ruy lopez, including the open variation 5nxe4. Blacks targets are the central square d4 and the f2 pawn, however white can gain a few advantages from this by trying to. Bb5 bc5 in this variation black puts the bishop on c5 like in giuco piano instead of the more natural position of e7 that would happen in the main line of the ruy lopez. Full games database with survey articles on all the variations, plus over 7. At the fide candiates from winning with the ruy lopezby ruylopez900. I hope below to introduce some of the basic concepts and give you some landmarks for your own exploration of this fine opening. Dominate with the ruy lopez how to play the spanish opening. Wikipedias article on the ruy lopez is a good point to start. The ruy lopez opening also known as spanish game, is by far the most frequently played and the one that has accumulated the greatest body of theory. The scotch is an opening players throw at you to avoid the well analyzed lines of the ruy lopez. Lajos portisch sample pages pdf its major news when a legendary player reveals his opening secrets. The marshall attack is a very sharp opening system in which knowing all the variations is vital, and so white players, including garry kasparov, often avoid it by playing one of the antimarshall systems. The scottish opening is a serious alternative for the spanish ruy lopez and italian defense.

The spanish chess opening, also known as the ruy lopez, named a spanish clergyman who made it popular, is one of the oldest and most heavily analyzed of openings, with many variations having been analyzed up to move 20. Bologan calls the exchange variation of the ruy lopez as the mother of all sidelines, hence it is not a surprise that this variation is popular amongst players of all levels and strength. Understanding before moving1 ruy lopezitalian structures. The ruy lopez did not measure up to either of those books in my opinion. Therefore, it is a very good opening to familiarize yourself with.

Master specialist of structures in the ruy lopez photo jos sutmuller. Get 42 free chess lessons for beginners to learn the main chess openings by text, video, pdf and pgn files and to download pdf ebooks, pgn files and pgn view. Lopez for black book in general, because in addition to great theoretical detail and a good choice of variations. C92 ruy lopez, closed, flohrzaitsev system lenzerheide variation. As we have seen, if black knows what he is doing in this endgame, its extremely difficult for white to pose any problems. White quickly opens the position in the center, aiming a rapid mobilization of the pieces. Finally, in many lines of the open ruy, white is quite happy to keep the rook on f1 where it defends the f2 square. Learn some of the most common variations in the ruy lopez opening that you can try for your next game of chess. Preferred openings by the top 20 chess players in history. Jun, 2010 get 42 free chess lessons for beginners to learn the main chess openings by text, video, pdf and pgn files and to download pdf ebooks, pgn files and pgn view. Ruy lopez, exchange 1 e4 e5 2 nf3 nc6 3 bb5 a6 4 bxc6. There was also no real room for further study or analysis. Many players have followed tarraschs advice and in the late 20th century above all the evercombative viktor kortschnoj was one of its most faithful. The ruy lopez opening also called the spanish is a well known chess opening strategy and very popular.

Develop your kings knight to the f3 space to put pressure on your opponents pawn. Chess openings classification of chess openings kings pawn openings, open games 1. And when he has rarely written about his games or preparation methods, and was famous for meticulous, aheadofhistime opening analysis, it makes it a true publishing event. Ive been playing the zaitsev ruy lopez with both colours for my entire chess career. The format is basically the same but the author just did not explain things well. Chess assistant and pgn formats plus an openings book tree database. It is the double kings pawn opening most commonly used in master play. Using model games for both white and black, this book provides a schooling in the key ideas of both the fashionable lines and the more offbeat variations. Using model games for both white and black, the authors provide a thorough schooling in the key ideas of both. The berlin defence is a common opening often played at grandmaster level. The ruy lopez is an incredibly popular opening at all levels of chess.

This will reduce considerably the amount of opening study. This opening was first developed by ruy lopez 1540 1580, a spanish priest and a bishop in segura, who wrote articles about chess. Or the opening for the ruy lopez, exchange variation is. Look for opportunities to capture safely on e5, especially if blacks foolish enough to play d5. This is accomplished through game collections, which are lists of games that users assemble themselves. When playing the berlin defence, black must keep in mind the threat on his c6 knight. The berlin defence also gets black ready to castle quicker than in the morphys defence. The ideas for each side in the ruy lopez are very many and varied. The total marshall marshall attack ruy lopez spanish.

The ruy lopez is probably one of the most analyzed openings in chess. Black should recapture away from the center with 4dxc6, opening the path for the lightbishop to develop and keeping blacks pawn structure compact another benefit to this move is revealed if white plays the misguided 5. There are probably more variations for the ruy lopez than any other opening. We offer the widest selection of ruy lopez chess books at the lowest prices with sameday shipping. Above is the starting position of one of the most popular openings in chess, the ruy lopez. It is considered as one of the best openings for white after the moves 1. We started out as master chess openings but now also have tactics and end games. Though there are many great games and opening variations that can teach you how to develop with a plan. Browserreadable files with games that you can play through onscreen. C64 ruy lopez, classical defence, zaitsev variation. Noted opening theoreticians krzysztof panczyk and jacek ilczuk explain the crucial strategies and tactics of the ruy lopez exchange.

The philidor is a dynamic and underrated answer to whites most popular opening move, 1 e4. In his classic work the modern game of chess 1912 siegbert tarrasch praised the open variation, which gives black a free game, as being the best continuation against the ruy lopez. The first few moves of the ruy lopez opening are easy to follow. Grandmaster ivan sokolov presents bold, but very playable, offbeat weapons for black, as well as dynamic new ideas and refutations in many mainline variations, for both black and white. The ruy lopez is a very popular chess opening played at the highest levels of chess. Ruy lopez chess openings chess is a scientific game and its literature ought. D0006 gives us the blackmardiemer gambit, the richterveresov attack and the torre attack which contains the tartakower variation. D0769 covers the vast and important queens gambit lines such as the albin countergambit variations, the slav. The ruy lopez is an incredibly popular opening at all levels of chess, from the amateur player up to top level grandmasters. Ruy lopez ruy lopez, exchange variation edit white decides he doesnt want to risk having his bishop trapped on the queenside, and exchanges it with blacks knight.

As well as drawing upon games from his own long career, portisch includes important ruy lopez games by modern champions, including anand and carlsen, describing them from his own unique perspective. All chess openings, all tactic combinations and end game. Scotch game wikipedia page for starters and general knowledge about the opening and its variations. Search the chess games database, download games, view frequent. Thats the reason why white started to look for some possible. Develops the bishop and prepares for kingside castle. Recently it has acquired something of a cult following amongst certain grandmasters.

Ruy lopez opening chess openings gaming free 30day trial. It was introduced in the 1970s by smyslov and in the last years it has been finetuned by top gms such as svidler, sokolov and ivanchuk. All analysis has been computerverified, with portischs handmade variations standing up to scrutiny in most cases, but with the computer adding. Adults will expect the ruy lopez while juniors are more used to this sort of opening. The ruy lopez or spanish opening is one of the oldest and most important chess openings, popular with amateurs as well as professional players.

Bxc6 it is best to keep record of all your chess games and perhaps enter them into a database, or use your scoresheet to study what you did right or wrong, or prepare an opening or against you opponent the next time you play. Black aims to open the f file for the purpose of attack, in the course of which he. The open variation of the ruy lopez or spanish starts with the moves 1. This book is useful for club and tournament players. Explains the strategies and tactics of the ruy lopez exchange. Welcome to clean chess, which is the largest website with chess except and where you can play online chess. The ruy lopez opening falls into a group of chess openings called open games and derives its strength from the logic of whites second and third move. He also explains the strategies and ideas behind these lines, and places the key games in their historical settings. It has long been recommended as an excellent chess opening for training purposes, as it leads to a wide variety of structures and strategies. I would recommend that you not go searching for winning lines. In the mainline variant, your opponent will mirror your play and move to e5.

Ruy lopez, closed, flohrzaitsev system lenzerheide. The ruy lopez one of the best chess openings for beginners. World champion bobby fischer was known to play this variation as white. Adapted and amended from rueben fines ideas behind the chess openings. Adults will expect the ruy lopez while juniors are more used. Nf6 attacks the center and threatens the pawn on e4. Black should recapture away from the center with 4dxc6, opening the path for the lightbishop to develop and keeping blacks pawn structure compact. The ruy lopez is a chess opening that starts with 1. Ruy lopez, berlin defense 1 e4 e5 2 nf3 nc6 3 bb5 nf6.

Ruy lopez, closed, breyer 1 e4 e5 2 nf3 nc6 3 bb5 a6 4 ba4 nf6 5 oo be7 6 re1 b5 7 bb3 oo 8 c3 d6 9 h3 nb8 10 d4. Play the ruy lopez pdf play the ruy lopez pdf download. Ruy lopez chess books shop for ruy lopez chess books. Pavel eljanov explains in depth what gyula breyer already saw in 1911 and what became an opening choice of the likes of kasparov, kramnik, anand or carlsen. After the fall of the roman empire in the fifth century, europe entered a period of almost five hundred years. Former world champion anatoly karpov once said that if you want to become a.

Use the ruy lopez opening to gain advantage on the board. His annotations were dry at best and completely uninformative at worst. Chess opening ruy lopez, berlin defense 1 e4 e5 2 nf3 nc6 3 bb5 nf6. Opening studies an introduction to the ruy lopez adapted and amended from rueben fines ideas behind the chess openings, by richard westbrook, 2003. The ruy lopez is the cornerstone of classical play in chess. Although it is a plan based white repertoire there are some variations that are missing, but at the same time, even if you take the ruy lopez for a test drive after reading this book at club level you wont be blown out of the water by some analytical update carlsen made in the breyer because the ruy lopez as mentioned is a plan based opening.

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